This is your time to light up your life! 50 is the door to Fabulous!

Turning 50 is a time to celebrate, not dread. Do you believe that the best parts of your life are behind you? Do you struggle with your sense of purpose and think that this is not what you thought your life would look like at this point in your journey? Don’t let fear of change hold you back.  Change is a natural part of life.  Remember all that you have already accomplished by  being adaptable in your many roles and life stages. Embrace this time of change! Let’s go on a journey of finding our strengths, living with integrity and becoming the women of faith we are meant to be and light up the world!

Everyday Greatness...One Day at a Time
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About Jackie

I am a strong, vibrant,
ageless Daughter of God!

 Love your life!  Live your life! Learn to accept it. Just as it is.  Today.  And create your future one day at a time. The year I turned 50, anything that could happen did, all at once.  I learned through hard work and relying on the Lord that I can do hard things and thrive.  I can embrace change and not be afraid of what comes next. And I know I am not alone.  As women of God, we are destined to do great things at this magnificant age of 50, and beyond! Redefine  Rediscover, Remember, Recreate and Redefine who you are. It is a journey that brings us back full circle to who the Lord needs us to be, not who we were.

Work with me

What does working with me look like?

 My coaching program is called, “Redefine & Thrive: Crafting Habits, shifting Patterns, Transforming Beliefs.”As women we experience so many changes in our lives. We have different roles at different stages in our work, home life and our personal relationships. We also experience many physical, emotional, hormonal and societal changes, and we often reach our 50’s a bit  unprepared and too tired to enjoy the next phase of our life.  We are afraid of the coming changes and we put up obstacles or barriers to try and protect ourselves from disappointment, hurt or harm.  In a world obsessed with looking like you are never older than 30, we accept the message that we are in a somewhat undesirable stage of change. I do not believe this message that the world gives us. Not at all!  I will help you on your journey to the greatest part of your life as you become the woman you want to be and that God wants and needs you to be.  You have lived for a time such as this!  We will follow 6 STEPS TO RECONNECTING  AND CREATING your true self and moving into greatness, one day at a time.


Real Clients

I began in a deep state of being overwhelmed.  Nothing was what I had expected and I couldn’t find my place where I belonged.  After spending some deep conversations, Jackie helped me to find my inner self and to celebrate who I am.  And to remember to see myself as the Lord sees me.”

Janet W.

I felt like an invisible old woman, in my community and in the Church.  Jackie helped me to rediscover me and I really do like who I am!  I feel valued and know that I can contribute to my family and Church family.  I found that I have so much to give.

Marge G.

Jackie has helped me to see that I am here for such a time as this! By using her “magic tools”, scriptures and lots of laughter, I found my joy again.  There is nothing sweeter than knowing you matter and belong.

Pam D.

What to do next...

I help clients with a range of life situations. Anxiety, addiction and addiction support, life stages and phases, all of which occur  and may be a part of your journey in different phases of your life.  I have a focus on our middle to senior years when so much of  these changes and issues may occur.

Your journey to fulfillment and joy in your middle to senior years can be one of the greatest times in your life.  Discover your WHY, your reason for becoming the woman of strength that you have lived your life to become. The Lord needs your experience, knowledge, wisdom and faith to LIGHT UP THIS WORLD for all who struggle to find His light.  Sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION …..TODAY.